Revised Statutory Documents pave the way for a new operator ways of working in 2016

Senior traffic commissioner Beverley Bell has just published a revised set of statutory documents covering key areas of operator licensing and decision making; they come into force on 1st January 2016. These documents are designed to have two parallel purposes; to clarify the expectations of the Traffic Commissioners when it comes to Operator and vocational Driver conduct, and at the same time making decision-making clearer for the internal teams working with the TCs thus enabling devolved decision-making.

The result of being “Hazy about O licence Compliance”

In September 2015, Commercial Motor Magazine published this report, and we thought the wording of the Traffic Commissioner Nick Denton to be poignant, especially in light of the new Statutory Documents being released in January 2016.

HSE respond to vehicle rollaway incidents

A year after Labyrinth Logistics Consulting covered the subject in depth at one of their Safety Circle meetings, the HSE have now published a study relating to the problems of “rollaways” whilst coupling/uncoupling articulated vehicles.