Recruitment Review & Support

Labyrinth Recruitment Review & Support

Labyrinth’s consultancy services range from significant strategic reviews and major outsourcing projects to short operational, process or cost saving reviews. Although most of our clients in this area are manufacturers, retailers, airports or public sector organisations we are unusual with the number of logistics companies that also use our services. Our work is therefore underpinned by a deep understanding of the logistics market and practical considerations across a number of sectors. On all our strategic, outsourcing and modelling related projects we work with our clients and their stakeholders to understand the business environment and priorities in which they are operate; this is crucial to ensuring any solution is robust across a number of potential scenarios. Stakeholder engagement is a vital element of our strategic projects and one which we encourage our clients to include within the scope of these projects.

  • Review of current organisational structure and business strategy
  • Review of existing recruitment processes and employee retention strategies
  • Skills gap analysis
  • Market research – competitors, jobs market, marketing, cost analysis
  • Report of findings and solutions
  • Implementation of recruitment strategy
  • Support and training
  • We carry out on site interviews, process walk-throughs and detailed discussions with staff on all levels
  • We identify skills gaps and agree strategies to close them
  • We develop and implement tailored solutions that will work in-line with the overall business plan
  • We offer full support throughout the recruitment process
  • We offer training, assistance and information on targeted areas for improvement
  • We carry out post implementation reviews and make any necessary amendments
  • Report based on initial review findings
  • Recruitment strategy report
  • Revised recruitment documentation
  • Information worksheets and guides
  • Process requirement tables and action checklists
  • Workshop write ups
  • Post Implementation Review reports
  • Identify missing skills and competencies within the organisation
  • Proactively forecast and plan for future requirements
  • Streamline and focus recruitment processes
  • Effectively allocate budgets and resources to reduce time and costs
  • Highlight opportunities to upskill employees
  • Implement effective engagement and retention strategies
  • Develop sustainable long-term solutions to meet business needs
  • Build a competitive advantage based on the skills and competencies of employees
  • Enhance employer brand


  • Review existing processes
  • Structure
  • Working environment


  • Analyse findings
  • Identify area of improvement


  • Implement a tailored recruitment strategy


  • Train
  • Support
  • Review progress

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