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Our Company

Labyrinth Logistics Consulting is a privately owned UK based supply chain and logistics consultancy based in Leamington Spa founded in the year 2000.. Owned and led by directors Ruth Waring and Jo Godsmark, Labyrinth provides a personal touch with blue chip expertise.

Labyrinth’s team combine industry-leading, blue chip expertise with a hands-on approach, providing practical solutions, real-world understanding of the logistics industry, humour and professionalism.

All our consultants are approachable and skilled at understanding your needs and speaking your language. We won’t bombard you with jargon or complex solutions or techniques. We’ll hold your hand when it’s needed but leave you to get on with it if it’s not. We won’t sell you solutions you don’t need – we’ll always strive to provide excellent value for money.

Our Team

Labyrinth’s team consists of employed and associate consultants. Some are focused on project work while others support compliance training and SilkThread® implementation. Our associate consultant model allows us to offer specialists tailored to a project’s requirements. Most of our associates have worked with Labyrinth for many years on a variety of projects and assignments.

Below are the directors of Labyrinth Logistics Consulting who head a dedicated team of associate consultants.


MD & Lead Consultant


Transport Consultant


Finance and Business Advisor


Director & Lead Consultant


Compliance Software Developer

Our Partners

In addition to our consultants listed above Labyrinth draws on the services of long standing partner consultancies for certain specialist skill areas such as Logistics IT, data analysis and modelling. This allows Labyrinth to utilise the latest industry expertise and analysis software on a project by project basis.

Lynn Parnell of Logistics Partners provides expert assistance to maximise the return on investment in supply chain systems and Logistics technology. She has extensive experience of implementing and operating various market leading supply chain systems including and can offer expert guidance to your choices of logistics technology

Kenneth Paine of Point Eight One provides his expertise in tactical and strategic supply chain modelling and methodology including transport modelling and routeing and scheduling and can create simulation tools through spreadsheet or DiPs software models to support your decision making for projects.

Paul Johnson of Model Logic (Warehouse, Supply Chain and Network modelling and European Supplier Intelligence) He offers extensive supply chain knowledge and experience, supported by a range of strategic and operational modelling tools to help you to align strategies, reduce costs and improve service levels by undertaking key initiatives.

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